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Get Through the Summer with a Generator


Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to power outages? Are you concerned that a thunderstorm this summer may interfere with your daily comfort? If so, you should consider a generator. We’re not talking about the portable ones you can buy at your local hardware store. Those may be fine in a pinch, but only a comprehensive whole house generator offers safe and reliable power backup. It will power your cooling system, refrigerator, and electric water heater so that you can still go about your daily routines. By installing a whole home solution, you can rest assured that you and your family will be comfortable during a power outage. Call Design Air today if you need a generator in Pomona, NY or the surrounding area.

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In this post, we’d like to briefly give you some things to think about regarding a whole house generator:

  • Sizing: If you’re thinking of a comprehensive, whole home generator, you need to hire a professional electrician so that you can ensure it’s the right size. It needs to be appropriately sized so that it reliably powers exactly what you need it to power. There are various options and ranges of power you can choose from. You’ll need to consult with an electrician to figure out which appliances and equipment you’ll want to rely one, including washing machines, lights, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning. Once you’ve got this figured out, then we can help you decide how many of these devices you want to be able to operate in the event of a power outage.
  • Automatic or manual: Another option that makes whole home generator a truly comprehensive backup solution, is that it can be installed with an automatic switch that measures the voltage coming in from your utility supply line, and if it shuts off, then your generator turns on automatically. You can avoid having to turn on your generator manually and instead rely on your system to know when a power outage occurs.

If you’re looking for an excellent generator in Pomona, NY, just call the experts at Design Air today for more information.