Get Your Backup Generator Serviced

Get Your Backup Generator Serviced

Here on the East Coast, inclement weather can come any time of year, whether it’s a blizzard in the winter or a deluge of rain in the summer. And while civic electrical lines are as reliable as they come, Mother Nature still has the final word on whether the electrical power stays on or not. The power can go out very suddenly – even when there isn’t a crisis – and when it does, you don’t have a lot of time to act in order to get it fixed. It can turn an already tough situation into an untenable one.

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Backups Need to Be Ready

A backup generator makes an excellent addition to your home simply because it removes the worry from that equation. When properly sized and installed by professionals, it can provide reliable power no matter what the situation is: providing energy for vital equipment such as medical devices, as well as important household appliances such as the kitchen and refrigerators.

But a generator won’t do much good if it breaks down just when the power goes out, and unfortunately, you won’t have much call to use it except during an emergency. You need it to be ready to go on a moment’s notice. If it does break down, it could be days before a given emergency lets someone reach your home to fix it. Problems with your generator need to be addressed well before that. And that’s where a servicing session comes in.

What Is a Servicing Session?

A servicing session most closely resembles a tune-up for your car, or perhaps a visit to the dentist’s office. It gives the technician a chance to check the generator for signs of damage, as well as correct little issues like loose bolts and clogged filters that can affect the system’s efficiency,

That accomplishes two things. In the first case, it means that the technician can spot any significant problems that may affect your generator the next time you need it. It gives you the time to get those issues addressed before the next big blizzard or heavy rain. It also gives you the confidence you need that your generator will be ready to go at a moment’s notice and that you won’t have to rush around in the face of a crisis in order to get the basic power you need.

There’s a further benefit. Regular service sessions help reduce the amount of wear and tear that your generator experiences, as well as helping it work more efficiently. That means it won’t use quite so much energy to run, helping save you money when it comes to things like fuel costs. More importantly, it can help extend the life of the generator by months or even years depending on the individual case. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend an annual servicing session for your generator: to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

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