Generators Can Save Your Day

Generators Can Save Your Day

What would you do if someone came up to you and told you to throw out all the food in your refrigerator. You’d probably think they were insane and go about your day. But when the power in your homes goes out this may be a situation you find yourself facing. That or you get to have a very large cold-cuts party to consume anything edible before it spoils.

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It is a less than ideal situation that we’ve described but we have good news: it is avoidable. If you have a generator you should be able to avoid this issue and other hassles the next time the power goes out.


Why Consider a Whole-House Generator

Let us clarify something. When we discuss generators we aren’t talking about the smaller portable kinds you can get at the hardware store. What we are discussing are whole-house generators. These systems offer reliability and other benefits that a portable system just can’t.

So why consider having one of our electricians in Pomona, NY install a whole-house generator as a part of your electrical system? Here are some of the best reasons we can think of to consider:

  • They are energy-efficient. While you need to keep gas on hand to refill a portable generator, whole-house systems don’t need this. Instead, they connect to a natural gas line which allows them to make energy in an efficient way.
  • They are automatic. When something goes wrong and your house loses all power, you don’t want to be digging out your portable generator from a dark part of your basement. That’s how horror movies start. Instead, you can rely on your whole-house generator to detect the loss of power and turn on automatically, keeping your lights and multiple other parts of your home running.
  • They save you stress and money. Whole house generators are able to power just about everything in the home. This means, rather than just keeping the lights and a few other small appliances running in one room, this system is going to keep your house running just a few degrees off normal. That means you won’t have to waste food or stop working for possibly days on end waiting for the power to return.
  • They can run for a while. Portable generators will do their best but they can only offer you so much power before they need more fuel. Because your whole-house generator is installed as a part of your home and connected to a reliable fuel source though, it can run for days or even weeks!

Leave the portable generator for your next camping trip and put your power supply in the “hands” of a whole-home system that will keep things running. These systems really can save your day from their ability to improve your safety by keeping the lights on to the perk that they can keep your fridge functioning until the power is restored.

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