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Furnace 101: The Blower


Furnaces work off a simple principle: they burn a fuel source to create heat, and then transfer that heat to the air, which then moves through ductwork and out vents. An essential component of today’s furnaces is the blower, which does the job of moving air into and out of the furnace. Without the blower, the heated air would go nowhere, and the furnace would not be able to do its job of keeping your house warm.

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The basics of a furnace blower

Blowers work the same way whether you have a gas, electric, or propane furnace. The blower is housed in the blower assembly and contains a motor and a large fan.

Once the heat exchangers or electric heating elements in the furnace cabinet have reached the target temperature, a relay in the circuit board turns on the blower. The blower forces air across the heat exchanger or the heating elements, where the heat to transfers to the air. This air then is sent out through the ventilation system. Most modern blowers also draw in colder air from a separate vent to reheat it.

What can go wrong with a blower

Since the blower is one of the major mechanical components of a furnace, it can suffer from wear and damage that will reduce its effectiveness or even cause it to shut down. The main danger to the blower is dirt and dust that can get into the ventilation system and through the filter. A dust build-up over the blower unit can cause its motors to burn out or restrict its movements so it begins to drain extra power. The blower assembly must be kept clean for effective operation and to avoid repairs. During regular maintenance visits, technicians will look over the blower assembly to locate any issues that could impair it, and will then clean it so it will continue to work effectively at its important job.

Keep your furnace’s blower working

If your blower stops working, you won’t have any hot air coming from your vents. To prevent this from happening, make sure you schedule prompt repairs for your furnace if you begin to hear loud noises from the furnace whenever the blower comes on. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance as well.

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