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Forced-Air Heating vs. Radiant Heating


When it comes to heating systems, you’re usually looking at one of two basic models to warm your New City, NY home. Forced-air systems – which include centralized furnaces and heat pumps – warm up the air and then circulate it through your home, while radiant systems – which include boilers and electric radiant systems – do so more directly, sending heat directly into the rooms of your home rather than venting it through fans and ducts. Both systems have their share of advantages and disadvantages. It pays to educate yourself about them.

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Forced-Air Systems

A forced-air system relies upon blown air, which creates its own set of problems. Germs and contaminants can get blown through your home, for instance, and drafts and cold spots are common. On the plus side, forced-air systems often cost less to run, and because they’re centralized, you can use the same system of ducts for both heating and air conditioning. Forced-air systems also allow you to install products such as humidifiers and air filters with little fuss or bother.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems benefit from eliminating the air as a carrier for the heat. That means no drafts or cold spots, as well as far less contaminants spread through the air. Radiant heating systems also tend to be much more comfortable than forced-air systems, since they transfer heat directly instead of blowing it at you. They make elegant solutions for houses that can’t support a system of ducts, and they usually make very little nose when they work, sparing you the sound of blowing fans whenever you want to warm up the room. Finally, because they have fewer moving parts, radiant heating systems tend to need fewer repairs than forced-air systems and last a little longer. On the downside, they’re often more expensive to install and operate, and don’t always work well in conjunction with other systems.

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