Fight Winter Colds with a UV Air Purifier

Fight Winter Colds with a UV Air Purifier

Winter in Mahwah, NJ is brutally cold, and with it comes a new outbreak of colds and flu bugs every year. Germs tend to circulate in our home once brought in, since we never open the doors or windows to air the household out. Furthermore, the dry air of winter can dry out your sinuses, leaving your body more prone to colds. It’s inevitable to a certain extent, though it doesn’t mean you have no recourse when it comes to fighting winter colds. A UV air purifier installed in your home and working in conjunction with your forced-air furnace can cut down on those pesky winter colds considerably. 

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How it Works

UV stands for “ultraviolet,” and if you recall high school science class, you know that it’s a wavelength beyond our ability to see. It occurs naturally in sunlight and causes our skin to tan and burn when we go to the beach. At lower levels, it’s perfectly safe for humans and pets, and UV lights are often used in dark rides at amusement parks and at rock concerts, where they cause white clothes to glow in the dark. Though

Though safe for multi-cellular organisms, however, that same light will either kill any germs that come into contact with it or render them incapable of reproducing. By placing those lights at the apex of your ducts, air passes through them as the heater (or air conditioner in the summer) runs, gradually scrubbing the air clean as it works. The air purifiers have few moving parts and rarely need maintenance beyond periodically changing the light bulbs. But the difference it can make to your family’s health is enormous, and it can continue to provide such protection for many winters to come.

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