Faulty Burners Can Shut Your Furnace Down

Faulty Burners Can Shut Your Furnace Down

Winters in Franklin Lakes, NJ require reliable heating, and most residents still rely on gas fed furnaces to stay comfortable. When trouble arises, most furnaces will simply shut down rather than risk an issue like a gas leak or further damage to a faulty component. (It’s best to check your breaker box and thermostat to see if the source of the trouble lies there. Otherwise, you should turn the system off and call in a repair service.)

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Among the most common causes of a shut-down are faulty burners, which are fueled by gas lines to provide heat to your system. The burners heat a metal exchanger, which helps distribute the heat into the air above it more effectively. Once the air is heated, a blower moves it through the ducts into the various rooms in your home. That makes the burners one of the most important parts of the heating system, and because it’s used so heavily, one of the easiest to damage.

Burners can shut down for reasons that have nothing to do with it. A problem with the ignition switch, for instance, will prevent the burners from turning on (and preventing your home from being flooded with gas); similarly, an overheating component may cause the burners to shut down. That’s why only trained repair technicians should diagnose the problem. A covered exhaust vent can cause the system to shut down  It may be nothing more than clogged dirt, but if the problem lies anywhere else, it takes proper training to fix.

Regardless of the problem, it needs to be fixed soon. The good news with faulty burners is that they can be fixed quickly and easily by a licensed service, and get your system back on its feet again quickly.

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