Explaining the Strange Noise Your Furnace is Making

Explaining the Strange Noise Your Furnace is Making

Imagine this: You’re laying in bed, going over your mental checklist of everything left to do before the big holiday party at your house in a couple days. Just as you start to nod off though, you notice the strangest noises coming from your vents. You may have heard these sounds before but they were never this loud or prominent so you ignored them.

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Unfortunately, a loud and odd noise coming from your furnace may very well indicate a problem within your system. But there is good news: you can reach out to EB Design Air Inc. for repairs. When you do, one of our technicians will be able to come fix your gas furnace in Monsey so that you won’t have to worry about going without heat on the big day.


4 Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make

Let’s be clear. The only sound you should be hearing from your furnace is the sound of it kicking on and then the sound of warm air whooshing quietly through your ductwork. Sounds that are outside of this norm are signs of a issue. These noises include:

  • Rattling: While one source of this could be loose screws in your furnace’s cabinet door, there are other more concerning issues that may be causing this noise. In all likelihood, a rattling noise is going to be caused by loose parts within your furnace such as screws or a cracked fan belt. There is also a chance of other debris rattling around within your ductwork causing this noise.
  • Booming: Do you hear booming when you turn on your furnace? While it doesn’t mean your furnace is exploding, it does indicate a tiny explosion. That booming noise is caused by a build-up of gas that is created when your furnace’s burners experience an ignition delay. This means that your burner’s may need to be cleaner.
  • Clicking: It is somewhat normal to hear a few clicks upon turning your system on and off. However, if the clicking noise is loud and continuous, it indicates an issue with your systems burners or, far worse, a crack in your heat exchanger.
  • Squealing or Screeching: A screeching noise is yet another sign that there is an issue within your furnace’s internal workings. Screeching may mean there is a problem with your furnace’s blower motor or a belt within that motor.

Your Best Response

The best course of action that you can take if you are hearing one or more of the noises we have listed above is to reach out to a team of professional HVAC technicians such as those at EB Design Air Inc. Our team members are trained and certified to be able to handle any and all of your furnace concerns. We know how vital it is that you be able to keep your home warm this season and we are the pros you can trust to get the job done.

The next time your furnace starts talking back, contact EB Design Air Inc. to schedule your next service.