End of Season HVAC Repairs To Watch For

End of Season HVAC Repairs To Watch For

The winter has been a long one, though, when you live here, they all seem just a bit too long. And if we think that wintertime lasts for too long, imagine how our heaters feel! We’ve been hunkered down trying to stay warm all winter, that is true, but our heating systems have been working very hard to accomplish the goal of providing us comfort on the coldest of days.

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As you can expect, that much consistent effort on your heaters part adds up. Eventually, your heater will accrue enough wear and tear that it will need some repairs. And while a lack of heat is a pretty strong indicator that something is up with your heater, you shouldn’t have to wait until your home is icy to schedule end-of-season repairs for your Pearl River, NY HVAC heating system. Here are some indicators to watch for that will warn you that you should schedule a visit from a professional in the near future.


Rattling noises, the smell of gas, and reduced warmth

These odd occurrences all add up to a pretty big problem: a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace. The rattling noise is created when your heat exchanger warms up and the metal it is made of expands. The smell of gas is created by the gas leaking through the crack and, of course, with that gas leaking out you will notice that your system can’t create warmth as reliably as it did before. If you notice one or more of these signs, make sure you contact a professional for repairs ASAP.

Dusty air, hissing noises, and reduced airflow

Have you seen weak yet distinctly dusty air flowing from your vents and into your home? Not only are you uncomfortable but you also have to clean more now! This is likely due to a leak somewhere in your ductwork. Ducts that have air leaks will weaken the flow of air going into your home as a large portion of it will escape before it reaches its destination. What’s more, unconditioned and unfiltered air will make its way into your vents, bringing with it all the dust you don’t want. Schedule duct services to get these issues resolved.

Short-cycling and delayed start-ups

If it seems like your heater can’t make up its mind about how long or when it wants to run, this may indicate a problem with your thermostat. If your thermostat is miscalibrated, or is having problems with its connection to your heater, it will impact your system’s ability to do its job. Consider thermostat repairs or even an upgrade to address this problem.

Heating season may be wrapping up in the next couple of months but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your heater’s warnings signals. After all, if you do this will likely leave you with a heating system replacement on your hands next winter. Instead, schedule your repairs with the team at EB Design Air Inc.

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