Electrical Repairs Require a Professional

Electrical Repairs Require a Professional

With the possible exception of your plumbing, no household system is as important as your electrical system. Appliances cannot run without it, and a reliable household electrical gride is essential to providing heat, air conditioning, electric lights, refrigeration and connection to the outside world. Electrical systems are designed to last a long time, but problems can befall them just like they do any other system. When they do, you need a professional to make proper repairs. Electrical systems require proper licensing to perform properly, and for good reason. While many homeowners pride themselves on being able to handle household chores themselves, this is one field that should always be left to the experts. 

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Codes, Licensing, and Training

The most practical reason for relying on professionals when it comes to electrical repair is the complexity of local electrical codes. Those codes are in place for good reason. Electricity can be extremely dangerous if it malfunctions, and can start a fire very easily. That’s a big part of what you pay for with an electrician, They undergo thorough training and licensing so that they’re familiar with the codes and know how to conduct the operation safely. That includes knowledge of the various tools used to make electrical repairs so that they can be used safely and effectively.

But it goes beyond that. In most cases, your average homeowner won’t have to deal with a serious electrical issue more than a few times at the most. That means they lack the experience to properly assess the problem and apply an effective solution. With more mundane household chores, you can afford a little trial and error. With electricity, however, that can prove disastrous. Trained electricians, on the other hand, have likely dealt with your specific problem not once or twice but regularly. That means they can make an assessment swiftly and conduct repairs safely, getting you up to speed fast.

Indeed, when it comes to electrical repairs, the faster someone can do the job the better. If your house is without power, you won’t be able to go long without getting it addressed: especially with cold weather coming and electricity vital to keeping such appliances as your heater and refrigerator running.

What Can You Do on Your Own?

With all that in mind, there are a few electrical repairs you can conduct on your own, though only the simplest and most expediently resolved should qualify. That usually involves changing light switches or similar “swap and replace” operations: things that require no special tools and can be conducted within a few minutes. Always make sure that the power is turned off before you do anything, and follow every step carefully. If you run into trouble or you feel like it’s not working the way you should, call in a professional rather than risking a short or a fire.

If you experience an electrical problem in your Nanuet, NY home, turn off the power to the affected area — the whole house if you’re unsure — and call in the trained professionals at Design Air, Inc. right away.