Electrical Repair Is a Key Component in HVAC Services

Electrical Repair Is a Key Component in HVAC Services

With the coming of spring comes spring cleaning for most homeowners, and now makes an excellent time of the year to schedule repair services. If your HVAC system was causing trouble – either this winter with your heating or last summer with your air conditioning – then a repair session is very important to schedule. It ensures that your AC unit will be ready to go when the first warm day hits, while promptly addressing any problems with your furnace or heating system over the winter.

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No matter what kind of heating or air conditioning system you have, however, electrical repairs are inevitably a part of it. Every system uses electricity in some manner or another, and when that electrical power is disrupted, the functioning of your system is disrupted as well. Any HVAC repair service understands electrical repair issues and can ensure that any electrical-based problems are fixed promptly.

How Is Electricity Used in HVAC Systems?

The most obvious components that require electricity in your HVAC system are the fan apparatus: specifically the fan motor. It runs the blower system, which blows heated or cool air into the ducts. Electrical problems, even mild ones, can be quite serious. Disrupting the flow of air means that heated or cooled air system in the system, and can damage individual components very easily. That could mean the difference between simply replacing a frayed wire and replacing a much more expensive component damaged by hot or cold air.

Electricity can also be used to run pumps, vent exhaust fumes and other vital functions. The basic issue remains unchanged regardless. A small electrical problem can easily cascade into something much larger without a trained technician performing the repair task. Refrigerant that doesn’t circulate can’t cool the air, for instance, while furnace burners won’t ignite in most cases. (Modern ignition switches use electricity instead of relying on more old-fashioned pilot lights.)

What to Do in the Event of Electrical Problems

It goes without saying that you should never attempt to repair your HVAC system yourself. It takes training, experience and formal licensing to conduct repairs safely. That goes double for electrical problems, which are always best left to those with the proper training.

There are, however, a few troubleshooting steps you can take if you suspect an electrical problem with your system. Modern HVAC systems will often refuse to turn on in the event of such a problem: giving you a good indication that something is wrong. When that happens, turn your system off (even if it isn’t running), and troubleshoot two specific spots. The first is the thermostat, which controls the function of your HVAC system and might have been accidentally shut off by another family member.

If that doesn’t work, the problem may be a larger one involving the electrical grid as a whole instead of just your HVAC system. Check your breaker box and see if the pertinent switch has been flipped. If it has, reset it and try to run your AC again. If the breaker flips again, call in a repair service.

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