Will A Ductless Heat Pump Hold Up In Winter?

Will A Ductless Heat Pump Hold Up In Winter?

For all the positive talk you hear about heat pumps, there’s always one objection that people have:

Can they really heat your home efficiently in winter?

The simple answer is “yes.” But it’s a very good question. After all, the way a heat pump works is by “recycling” the warmth in the air. If it’s extremely cold outside, how can a heat pump still function? Knowing the answer to this question may determine whether a heat pump system is right for your home. Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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How Heat Pumps Work Throughout the Year

As touched on above, the way a heat pump operates is by using warmth that’s already in the air. An even simpler way to think of it is by realizing that the heating mode on a heat pump operates just like an air conditioner in reverse. By bringing air over a pair of refrigerant-filled coils, the heat pump is able to transfer warmth through the system.

In summer, when using the cooling mode, the heat pump will operate by absorbing warm air from the inside of your home and dispelling it outdoors. In winter, while using the heating mode, warm air is taken from outdoors and transferred inside your home.

Here’s where the concern is:

On its own, a heat pump will begin to have trouble operating efficiently in temperatures below 30°F.

But it’s not as if heat pump manufacturers don’t know this. Depending on the type of heat pump you own, there are a couple of features that eliminate this concern.

First Line of Defense: Auxiliary Heating

When the weather starts dropping, most heat pumps will activate their auxiliary heating mode. This is a mode of backup heating that will help pick up the slack. The process is seamless, so you won’t even notice when it turns on.

However, it’s important to note that this is different than emergency heating. Auxiliary heating uses a secondary form of heating, often in the form of electrical heating strips, to supplement the heat pump’s heat. Emergency heating, on the other hand, is a backup that’s intended for when the heat pump fails to operate.

Don’t make the mistake of switching on the emergency heating when it gets too cold! The auxiliary heating will turn on automatically when it’s needed.

Second Line of Defense: Mitsubishi Hyper-Heating

Thanks to Hyper-Heating technology found in Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps, you don’t have to worry about auxiliary heating or inefficiencies. Unlike other heat pumps, these ones use a special kind of compressor and phase-changing liquid that allows them to pull heat from the air at much lower temperatures.

Hyper-Heat systems are rated to provide efficient heating in outdoor temperatures as low as -13°F. And it will do that all while providing the same level of efficiency that ductless heating systems in New City, NY are known for.

Are you in the market for a new heating system? The ductless heat pump could be the perfect system for you. To find out, contact EB Design Air Inc. today and request your free equipment estimate.