Don’t Ignore Flickering Lights!

Don’t Ignore Flickering Lights!

When you are spending time at home, do you notice that the lights seem dimmer than normal or perhaps even flicker at different times? Dim lights are not a good sign unless you specifically have a dimmer installed for the room. Likewise, unless you are enjoying the flickering of a nice roaring fire, electrical lights that flicker are bad news too. Why? Because issues like these are indicators of a problem in your electrical system.

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Not to worry though. You can come to EB Design Air Inc. for your electric repair in New City. We can identify the issue in your system and get it repaired quickly and effectively. All you need to do is reach out to us to get started!


What’s Causing Those Electrical Issues?

Flickering lights are pretty much always a sign that something is off in your electrical system. There is more than one possible cause for this of course and our electricians are ready and willing to handle them all. Potential electrical issues can be caused by:

  • Bad wiring: We’ve seen our fair share of shoddy DIY wiring attempts. Many a homeowner will try their had at changing wires in their home or adding wires to accommodate a new outlets. Unfortunately this leaves a lot of room for error. Wiring jobs that have been done by inexperienced individuals can often lead to electrical issues down the road.
  • Frayed or damaged wires: Old worn out wires can also be a problem. Over time wires can become frayed  which increases the risk of electrical arcs. Those arcs can lead to burnt outlets, issues with appliances, shortages and can even increase the risk of an electrical fire. Old, frayed wires should be replaced by a trained electrician as soon as they are discovered before they can cause additional harm to other parts of your home.
  • Overwhelmed electrical panels: Your electrical panel is meant to direct electricity to different parts and appliances throughout your home. However if your electrical demands have surpassed what your electrical panel can handle it is going to create some problems. Flickering lights along with frequent circuit trips and faulty appliance performance may all indicate your panel needs repairs or even an upgrade. We are available to help with your electrical panel upgrades.

Problems with any part of your home’s electrical system should only be trusted in the hands of a trained professional electrician. Only a pro will be able to address the issue properly and save you the hassle of additional trouble later on. You can come to our team to find the pros that you need.

Our team has been in business since 1984. Since we opened our doors we’ve become known for our great work and quality products. Every technician on our team is trained, certified, and ready to do their job right will staying polite too. You’ll never have to worry about shoddy work from EB Design Air Inc.

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