Don’t Ignore a Kettling Water Heater

Don’t Ignore a Kettling Water Heater

When you use hot water in your house, your water heater is going to make some noise. That part is normal. However, there are certainly noises that your water heater isn’t meant to make. If you notice that your water heater is struggling a little bit lately, it may be time to listen to what it is saying.

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One strange noise that water heaters in Stony Point, NY certainly shouldn’t make is a sound called “kettling.” If you go to check on your water heater and notice that it sounds like your tea kettle is boiling, you have a water heater that needs repairs.


What is Kettling?

Kettling is a term that refers to a sound your water heater may make if there is a problem in the system. The name for this sound refers to the fact that your system will literally emit a high pitch whistle, similar to what a tea kettle creates when the water inside it is boiling.

This kettling sound is created when sediment is able to build up within your water heater system. That sediment is going to collect in your tank and in some of the pipes that deliver hot water to your home. Those sediment deposits can capture hot water that eventually boils and turns into steam, creating that distinct tea kettle noise.

The Problem With Kettling

Strange noises are all too often ignored by residents of a home, usually because they don’t realize that it indicates a problem that requires repairs. The issue with a kettling water heater is that it can create some major damage to your system if it isn’t taken care of in a timely manner.

As we mentioned, kettling is the sound of super-heated water forcing its way through a layer of sediment that has built up in your system. That sediment can collect in your water heater because of the minerals and nitrates that are carried in the water being pumped into your system (known as hard water). If your water heater has sediment in it, you will want a professional to come clear it out as it can eventually that sediment can harden into limescale.

Sediment, whether it is hardened into limescale or not, is going to hinder the heating process that your water heater goes through. It can also harm your water heater and lead to an early replacement for the system.

Water Heater Services That Help

Whether your water heater is making concerning noises like kettling, or it simply isn’t able to meet the hot water demands that it used to, you need to schedule repairs with professionals like ours. We have been serving the area around New City for many years and we are known for our quality services and customer care.

If you need help getting your water heater back into working order, EB Design Air Inc. can get the job done.

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