Don’t Forget Your AC Filter

Don’t Forget Your AC Filter

There are a lot of factors that are going to impact your air conditioner’s ability to do its job. Many of the things we think about hindering our AC will be big things like refrigerant leaks or issues with a blower motor. But even the seemingly small things can cause big problems for your cooling system. That is why we make sure to check all of the small things during our air conditioning tune-up in Pearl River, NY.

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One seemingly small part of your air conditioner that we always encourage people to check on is their air filter. Believe it or not, the filter we are talking about isn’t meant to protect your home from dust and debris, it is meant to save the internal workings of your air conditioner. As you can imagine, you system will run into problems when this vital part is out of order.


What You Should Know About Your AC Air Filter

Here is what we think everyone should know about what their AC filter does and how to take care of it.

Your filter helps protect your air conditioner

The filter that we are discussing is placed in the return air duct of your air conditioning system. It is there because its job is to stop any dust, fur, and other debris from getting into your air conditioning system and causing problems like overheating, short cycling, and an evaporator coil that freezes over.

Your air filter can get clogged

As you can imagine, after a while an air filter that is meant to capture dust and other airborne debris is going to get clogged. The amount of time it takes for your filter to become too clogged to do its job is going to vary based on how much and how often you use your air conditioner.

A clogged air filter needs to be replaced or cleaned

Like we said, over time your air filter will collect too much debris to allow air to flow through it, hindering your air conditioner’s ability to operate correctly. It is important to keep your air filter clean and clear which is why you should either replaced or clean your system filter every one to three months. Make sure to follow the directions for taking care of your filter accordingly–trying to wash off a disposable filter won’t work out too well.

Best Care Options for Your Air Conditioner

Cleaning your AC filter and keeping other parts of your system running effectively and efficiently can be things that you don’t have time or know-how to take care of. And that is okay! That is what our team of professional technicians is here for. Our maintenance services help to address the seemingly small problems and fix them before they escalate into bigger issues that cause repair needs or even early replacements.

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