Does Your Home Need a Fireplace?

Does Your Home Need a Fireplace?

The idea of a fireplace certainly sounds nice, but like any investment into a home appliance, you’ll want to do some research before making a commitment.

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When it comes to fireplaces, that can be tricky. Even though they do provide the important function of keeping your home warm, it’s no secret that many homeowners want them simply because they look and feel nice.

Balancing the “need” vs. “want” in this way is something unique to fireplaces. Fortunately, we have a few perspectives that might help you decide.


You Want the Atmosphere of a Fireplace

There’s really nothing wrong with wanting a fireplace simply for its aesthetic charm. If you frequently fantasize about curling up next to the fireplace, either with your family or with a loved one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to have that.

Your typical heating system operates behind the walls or in the ceiling and isn’t really anything to get excited about (can you imagine asking everyone to “gather ’round the heat pump?”). But since a fireplace is an actual fixture inside your home, it can truly change the way you interact in your living space.

Plus, it’s not like a fireplace is purely aesthetic—a good fireplace installation by an HVAC contractor in Nanuet can help your home save energy while supplying a comfortable form of heating.

You’re Afraid of Losing Heat During Blackouts

If you don’t have something like a whole-house generator to power your home, a blackout can mean sitting in a freezing house. Sure, living without the lights on is manageable, but warmth is a necessity.

Not all fireplaces are built equally, but some of them can be operated even during a power outage. Wood burning fireplaces simply need wood and a flame, so there’s no need for electricity. Gas fireplaces with standing pilot lights can be reignited manually. You can also use a backup battery system to power on a pellet stove, which is much more feasible if you don’t have a generator.

If you plan to use your fireplace in this fashion, it’s best to bring that up with a professional. They’ll be able to answer your concerns with a recommendation for the right kind of fireplace.

You Want to Save Energy and Be Eco-Friendly

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces—such as one that was installed in your home decades ago—are notoriously inefficient. 90% of the heat they generate will go up and out of the chimney, and it will even pull air out of your home, too.

Fortunately, modern-day fireplaces are much more efficient. Natural gas and electric fireplaces are certainly cleaner and more efficient options, but even the wood-burning fireplaces of today are much better:

  • Wood is a more eco-friendly fuel source and lessens dependence on fossil fuels.
  • It can be cheaper to heat your home with wood than with electricity. Some fireplaces can even be vented to supply heat to other rooms of the home, much like how a furnace would operate.
  • Using wood means you don’t have to rely on the utility company to supply your heat.

There are several reasons to heat your home with a fireplace. We can help you find out if it’s right for you. Contact EB Design Air Inc. today to schedule a free estimate.