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Does Your Generator Need Replacing?


Thunderstorms are a way of life in Suffern, NY, and while our civic power gird is very reliable, Mother Nature still has the final word in these matters. A whole-house generator is a great way of keeping your home up and running during a crisis, or even to power the home full time if you live off of the civic grid. A key part of owning a generator, however, is knowing when to replace it as it wears out. Ultimately, only you to homeowner can make that decision, but as you check your generator this spring, look for these signs to tell you that it may need replacing.

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All generators have a warranty, and most will last for a set number of hours before needing repair. Once those milestones are past, however, you need to watch your generator for signs of trouble. In and of itself, age is no reason to get rid of your generator. But if an older generator shows some of the signs listed below, it forms a one-two punch that is very difficult to ignore.

Slow to Start

One of the surest signs of a faulty generator is one that complains when you start it up. It may make odd noises or struggle to catch, or there may be a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust. For newer generators, this is reason to call a repair service. For older ones, it’s probably a sign to replace it.

Fuel Consumption

Generators consume fuel at a set rate listed in their instructions, but as time goes one, its rate of consumption will increase due to wear and tear. This is problematic, since you need to keep fuel well-stocked in your home to see your generator through a crisis. If you notice it consuming excessive amounts of fuel, it’s usually a significant problem.

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