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Do You Need to Replace Your Heater before the Cold Weather Arrives?


Our days aren’t all that chilled yet, but the crisp air will be here soon, and it won’t be long before you need to turn your heating on for the season. Is your heating system ready to go or ready to drop? If your situation is the latter, it’s time to get moving on replacing your existing heater with a new, reliable one. The experts at Design Air, Inc., can help you find and install the right heating system for your home with the following steps:

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  • Choose your system – there are a lot more heating options available for homeowners than ever before so it’s important to take your time to review the different systems with a trained expert. Replacing your heating system doesn’t automatically mean you have to choose the same type of system again. This is an opportunity to explore other, potentially better options.
  • Let our experts calculate your home’s heating load – it may not seem possible during the heart of the winter months to have too much warm air, but it can happen. You can also not have enough. These kinds of problems are indicative of an incorrect heat load calculation. Every home needs a specific amount of heat to be comfortable and the experts at Design Air, Inc., will find out this amount by doing a heat load calculation for your home.
  • Hire pros for installation – one of the biggest problems heating technicians see are repetitive problems from poor initial installation. Poor installation can result in a plethora of problems from air delivery issues to strain on your system. When you call our experts to install your heating system, this will never be an issue.

If it’s time to retire your outdated and struggling heating system in New City, NY, there’s no better time than now. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for heating replacement services.