Do You Need a Pro To Install a Ductless AC?

Do You Need a Pro To Install a Ductless AC?

Ductless air conditioners can be thought of like the relatively “new kid on the block.” While air conditioning technology has been around for a long time the ductless system provides a new way of approaching cooling your home with its own unique set of advantages. For years we have relied on AC systems that require ductwork to cool your home. In contrast, as you may have guessed these ductless units don’t have this requirement.

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Make no mistake though, these systems still require a professional AC installation in New City, NY. While a ductless unit does not require a connection to your ductwork and can be thought of as easier to install, setting up one of these systems in your home should in no way be thought of as a DIY project.


What Makes a Ductless System Different

So if ductless systems still require professional care then what is it that makes them so unique? There are a few great benefits that come with these systems.

  • They are ideal for smaller spaces or older homes that cannot accommodate ductwork.
  • They require less expensive upkeep because there is no care needed for ductwork.
  • They are faster and easier for a professional to install.
  • They are highly energy-efficient and don’t provide the risk of lost energy through faulty ducts.
  • They can provide year-round comfort because they can offer both cooling and heating.
  • You can run one air handler at a time if you don’t need to cool the whole home which helps to save energy.

Why You Still Need a Pro to Install a Ductless AC

There is a common belief that because a ductless system does not need to be connected to a series of ducts it does not need a professional to be installed. This is far from the truth. While a ductless system is able to operate without any ductwork it still requires the hand of a professional to make sure that it is set up correctly.

For one thing, a ductless AC still needs to be sized correctly. For another, while ducts are not required, there are several lines, such as a refrigerant line and condensate drain, that connect the ductless system’s air handlers to the outdoor unit to allow it to work. Lastly, the act of mounting the air handlers on your wall or on the ceiling also requires expertise. If any one of these three tasks is done wrong it can ruin your ductless system’s ability to perform.

Our Team Can Provide Professional Installations

When it comes to getting a new air conditioner installed, whether that is a central AC or a ductless AC, you should always work with a professional technician. The technicians on our team are trained and certified to install every type of air conditioner out there. Each technician is quick and efficient at their job and will ensure that your system is set up optimally every time.

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