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Do I Need a Chimney for Fireplace Installation?


Fireplaces add both extra heat and ambiance to just about any room they are in. A nice fireplace can be the focal point of any room, and these days it has never been easier to have one. Why? Because it’s no longer an absolute that you have to have a chimney in order to have a fireplace. So what are your options when it comes to non-chimney fireplaces in Spring Valley? Let’s take a look.

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Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces work very similarly to electric furnaces, just on a much smaller scale. As with an electric furnace, an electric fireplace has a small heating element made of several tightly-wound metal coils. When the fireplace is turned on, electricity flows through these coils, making them very hot. When the air around the coils reaches the right temperature a small fan called a blower turns on and pushes the warmed air into your living space. One of the best things about an electric fireplace is that all the heat generated is blown into your living space; these types of fireplaces do not consume a fuel to operate, so there is no loss of heat. Electric fireplaces produce about 5000 BTUs of heat, so they can provide extra heat to a living space, but shouldn’t be counted on to heat an entire living space. The glass and surrounding material of electric fireplaces stay cool to the touch, so they are very safe. Electric fireplaces can have mantels or be inserts, so you also have a choice in style, and all come with decorative and realistic flame effects.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

If you love an authentic flame but not the ash and soot of a wood-burning fireplace, you may want to consider the installation of a direct vent fireplace. Direct vent fireplaces use natural gas or propane, but it isn’t necessary to install a full chimney with it (although you can if you want); a single horizontal vent, similar to that of a gas dryer, is installed in the exterior wall behind the fireplace. This vent has two chambers: one draws air into the fireplace from the outside, the other expels 100% of the toxic combustion byproducts. Direct vent fireplaces are very energy efficient, are cool to the touch (except for the glass), and allow you to enjoy a significant amount of supplemental heat.

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