Dehumidifiers Help You Beat the Heat

Dehumidifiers Help You Beat the Heat

Summers in Franklin Lakes are staggering, not just for the high temperatures, but for the mugginess that can hit you like a wall. High humidity levels can make your home feel like a swamp, and while air conditioners can deal with it in a crude way, they’re not set up for such endeavors. A whole-house dehumidifier, on the other hand, is specifically built to handle the mugginess instead of the temperature, which can reap a number of benefits for your home.

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Why Are They Needed?

High humidity is usually classified as a relative humidity percentage of 10%. At that level, there’s simply too much moisture in the air to let the sweat evaporate off of our skin. Since that’s our body’s natural way of cooling off, it leaves us feeling much hotter than it actually is. It also means the sweat stays on our skin, leading to that gross feeling in high humidity. Muggy air is also very hard on the furniture and other components in your home and can foster the growth of mold and bacteria in the corners. That can run a greater risk of illnesses and infections in your home, especially if anyone in your household is asthmatic or similarly vulnerable.

Why Not Use Air Conditioning Systems?

The best way to reduce humidity in the air is to lower the temperature, which causes the moisture vapors to coalesce into droplets. That’s why you often get dew in the early hours of the morning when the temperature is coolest. Air conditioners handle a certain amount of humidity by default, and most come equipped with drip pans and drain lines to handle excess moisture in the air they cool.

The problem is that air conditioners can’t control the humidity levels to taste: it just arises as a side effect of cooling the air. In cases of heavy humidity, some air conditioners can be overwhelmed by the coalesced moisture and shut down rather than risk an overflow. Air conditioners always need to work harder when the air is humid: raising your monthly cooling bills as well as the risk of a breakdown.

Dehumidifiers Handle the Problem the Right Way

Dehumidifiers operate according to similar principles to air conditioners: removing the moisture by lowering the temperature. But because they don’t need to eject the heat as air conditioners do, they don’t cost as much to run. And because they are built specifically to deal with high humidity, you can tailor the humidity levels to suit individual tastes. That can make a huge difference in your comfort levels, as well as enhance comfort levels throughout the home.

More importantly, dehumidifiers help ease the burden off of your air conditioner, helping it perform more efficiently and with less waste. When used in conjunction, the two units can lower your monthly cooling costs, as well as reduce wear and tear, and lower the risk of a breakdown in the future.

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