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Cracked Heat Exchangers Spell Big Trouble

Most furnaces in the Saddle River, NJ area are centralized forced-air models, which generate heat via a series of burners and transfer it to the air with a heat exchanger. The heated air can then be blown through the ducts in your home with a fan. It’s a reliable system and for most homes, it does its job safely and well. But when trouble arises, it can often be of the very large variety. A cracked heat exchanger, in particular, requires the immediate services of a professional

What Does the Heat Exchanger Do?

A heat exchanger is really just a piece of shaped metal, designed to effectively transfer the heat from the burners to the air in the chamber. (Burners can’t do that job very well on their own.) It also vents the exhaust gasses created by that process into the venting pipe, to be safely removed from your home.

Heat exchangers are built to last, but that constant push and pull of heating up and cooling down take its toll over the years. As time goes on, corrosion and other factors can weaken the metal and eventually cracks will form along the surface.

Why Is That a Problem?

When the heat exchanger cracks, it prevents the heater from working effectively and it some cases prevents it fro working at all. But that’s not the biggest impact. I t also means that toxic gasses can escape and enter your home, creating a significant health crisis for you and your family. Some heaters have safety features that shut the system off the minute toxins are detected. But even then, you still need to get the heat exchanger replaced before the heater will work.

Give the pros at Design Air Inc. a call for problems with your heat exchanger or any other furnace-related issues!

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