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Considerations When Installing a New Generator


Inclement weather is a way of life here in New City, NY, and while our electrical grid is sound and reliable, nothing is guaranteed when storms or blizzards hit. The same goes double for rural residents who might not have reliable access to the electrical grid, and need a whole-house generator to power their household appliances. If you’ve made the decision to install a new generator or replace an old one, congratulations! A generator can be a huge asset to your home. But before you schedule an installation, it pays to consult with a trained expert who can help you select the best make and model for you. Here are some considerations for you to think about when planning for your new system.

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Power Load

Your generator has a power load, covering the amount of electricity it can comfortably generate at any one time. You need to ensure that your new system has enough power to cover all of your appliances, which means giving your home an energy audit to determine just how much power you’ll need. For a whole-house generator, you want to make sure every appliance is covered. If you don’t want a power load that large, make sure you prioritize your appliances so that the most important items (your refrigerator, for example) can run while less important items (dryer) remain off until power is restored.

Fuel Consumption and Location

Generators need fuel to run and you never want to run out, especially in a crisis. Make sure you know what your new generator’s rate of consumption is. Furthermore, the location of your generator is vital: not only do you need to be able to reach it in inclement weather, but the spot needs to have proper ventilation to let exhaust escape, as well as ready access to your electrical grid.

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