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Consider the Location of Your Thermostat


If your air conditioner just never seems to be working the way you want it to, no matter what you do, the problem may not be with the air conditioner. Your thermostat acts as the primary control system for your air conditioner, and if it isn’t functioning as it should, you might want to look there for answers. This is especially true for older homes, of which we have a number in Wyckoff, NJ and which can present special challenges for modern thermostats. In particular, you should check the location of your thermostat, which can have a huge bearing on your AC’s ability to do the job. Here’s how.

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Environmental Factors

In a centralized air conditioning system, the thermostat has to determine a median temperature in the home in order to provide effective air conditioning. That relies on it reading the temperature accurately, and doing so in a place in the home that provides that median. Environmental factors can influence that reading. For instance, a thermostat placed near an outside wall may be more influenced by the temperature outside your home than one inside. Or a thermostat that’s exposed to a lot of sunlight can read the temperature as higher than it actually is.

Household Factors

In addition, there are parts of the home that can influence the thermostat’s reading. The biggest we’ve found is thermostats place near a doorway or a cross-breeze, or those placed next to an air conditioning vent. Poor placement is not uncommon in older houses, which we’re necessarily built with air conditioning in mind, and which can add up to a great deal in inefficient air conditioning if you don’t address the issue.

Design Air Inc. can install, remove and move thermostats in your home, ensuring that your system is always accurate and cools your home with maximum efficiency.