Common Signs of Heating Problems

Common Signs of Heating Problems

Winter has come to New City, NY, officially arriving on Wednesday. It promises to be one of the coldest in modern history, which means your heating system needs to be up to the challenge. If you detect any signs of a heating problem, you need to shut the system down and call for repairs immediately. Only a trained technician can diagnose and fix problems with your heating system, but you the homeowner can still spot the signs of trouble that indicate the need for repairs. Acting quickly can spare your system further damage and ensure that it doesn’t break down just when you need it the most. Specific symptoms vary, but a few common ones occur over and over again. They can include the following:

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  • Reduced heat levels, caused by clogged burners, breaches in the ducts, and the like. It increases strain on the heating system since the heater must now work harder to warm your home.
  • Low airflow, created by a blockage or perhaps by damage to the fan or fan motor. It causes similar problems as reduced heat levels: increased strain and higher bills as the system work harder to make up the difference.
  • Most heating systems make noise, but if you hear a sound that you don’t normally associate with the functioning of your system – anything from bumps to whistles to groans – it’s probably caused by a significant problem. In most cases, those noises will stop and start with the functioning of the heater.
  • High bills. In some cases, it’s not necessarily a specific sign that indicates a problem, but a sudden spike in your monthly bills without any corresponding use to account for it.

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