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Common Boiler Repairs


We may not be in the throes of the heating season yet, but you may have turned on your home’s boiler system at least once, either to test it or take the morning chill from your home. If you found that your boiler wasn’t working properly, it’s time for repair. It’s never advisable for homeowners to try and diagnose their own repair problems, but it is good to be familiar with some of the more common problems that can develop with a boiler heating system:

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  • Issues with ignition – your boiler has a burner that heats the water in the system. Problems with ignition can stem from a few problems, including a problematic pilot light, a dirty burner or a problem with the electronic igniter. You should never try to tangle with ignition issues on your own as they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, but your heating expert will know exactly what to do.
  • Leaks – while your boiler heats using water, it should never be leaking. Leaks can develop in a number of places, including the expansion tank, pipes and circulating pumps. Unattended leaks can depressurize your heating system and lead to the development of corrosion, so it is important to have leaks repaired right away.
  • Problems with the circulating pumps – the circulating pumps push the hot water through your pipes to your distribution outlet (radiator, baseboard, etc.). These pumps can become stuck, develop leaks or have electrical problems, and any of these issues will cause problems with your heating.

Boilers aren’t the most complicated kinds of heating systems, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can handle boiler repair. If you are encountering problems with your boiler right now, get ahead of this issues by scheduling a heating repair appointment for your home in Suffern, NY with the pros from Design Air, Inc.