What Are Common Boiler Repair Needs?

What Are Common Boiler Repair Needs?

Walking into your home after a long day and being bathed in a comforting blanket of warmth can be quite pleasant. However, this effect isn’t the same if your boiler is struggling to do its job. If this is the case, you may come home to a house that is only a little warmer than the outdoors or, worse, is just as cold as it is outside the front door.

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If your boiler heating system has a potential repair need, the sooner you get that necessary fix done the better things will be. After all, it is better to take care of a needed heating repair in Pearl River, NY, rather than ignore the issue in the hope it resolves itself only to end up needing to replace your system.

If you enjoy knowing what is going on within your system, we understand that! That is why we want you to be informed. So, let’s dive into a few potential problems your boiler could have that might require repair so you know when you should reach out to a professional technician for help.


Four Possible Boiler Repair Needs

  1. You have a broken circulator pump: Your circulator pump is the part of your boiler that is responsible for moving the water heated by your system throughout your home. Without this mechanical component, the hot water created by your boiler wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. Over time, the circulator pump can deteriorate and will either need to be fixed or replaced.
  2. There is an issue within your expansion tank: Your expansion tank is responsible for maintaining the water pressure within your boiler, preventing the pressure from spiking unnecessarily. It is possible for the membrane inside of your expansion tank to break and when it does it creates a risk of causing high water pressure and multiple other problems as a result.
  3. Your boiler is struggling with sediment build-up: No matter how filtered your water is, there is likely the presence of a variety of minerals within it. Over time, those minerals can create a build-up of sediment within your boiler heater which can impede your system’s ability to heat the water being pumped into your home. The longer the sediment is left, the more at risk your boiler is of experiencing corrosion. The best option is to have your boiler system flushed by a professional ASAP.
  4. There is a pipe leak that needs to be sealed: Leaks will happen. The key is addressing them quickly. In terms of your boiler, there is a chance of leaks from old pipes or connections. When and if you notice a possible boiler system leak, make sure you contact a professional to come to address the issue soon to avoid water damage and get your heating back on track.

Your comfort is important, especially during the cooler months here in New York. The next time your heating system starts having problems, turn to the professionals at EB Design Air Inc. We have the skills, the tools, and the focus to get the job done right.

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