Commercial Properties Benefit from Rooftop Units

Commercial Properties Benefit from Rooftop Units

Every building needs a functioning air conditioner in our summer heat, and that includes commercial properties as well as residential ones. Indeed, commercial HVAC systems are often more important than household air conditioners. Most of us spend our time away from home in an office or similar place of business, after all, and a comfortable environment is vital not only for workers and customers but for maintaining key business components such as computers and perishable products. You want an air conditioning service that knows commercial systems to take care of the one at your place of business and respond swiftly when trouble arises.

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For that reason, we often recommend rooftop HVAC systems for most commercial properties: placed atop the flat roof of your building and feeling the entire system from there. It may seem counterproductive, especially considering our unpredictable weather. But rooftop units are built to withstand both the heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter, and in exchange, they offer some considerable advantages.

Ease of Access

A problem with a commercial air conditioner can bring your entire operation screeching to a halt, and even in situations where the system hasn’t broken down, you don’t want repair technicians trodding through your workspace while you’re trying to get things done. Rooftop units permit the technician to reach the system easily and do the work without getting in the way of your operation. That includes getting bulky equipment in position or removing equipment that needs replacing. Putting it all on the roof eliminates a lot of the hassle.

Free Space

Space can be at a premium even in the most successful business, and there’s often a need to squeeze the most use out of every square inch. Air conditioners can take up a great deal of space, which is why keeping them on the roof makes sense. The size of most systems is enough to get you another workstation, more storage space, an extra set of tables if you run a restaurant or café, or even an extra parking spot or two for employees and customers. That can make a big difference, in the bottom line, as well as make better use of your very valuable business space.

Room to Expand

Similarly, if you need more cooling power added to your business – either because you’re adding a new business to the space or because an existing business has to change needs – adding another unit to an indoor air conditioner can be very tricky. But modular units on the roof make the issue easy to resolve, and with the whole rooftop to expand onto, you need never worry about running out of room. And as above, getting a modular unit onto the roof is much easier than trying to maneuver it through the often-tight confines of an office interior.

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