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Clean Your Fireplace Now and Get Ahead of the Heating Season!


At this time of the year, you are thinking of cooling down, not heating up. But this is exactly why you’ll want to schedule your fireplace for annual maintenance. If you are like a lot of homeowners with active fireplaces, you probably use your fireplace to offset your whole house heating. This means that your fireplace has to be in good shape in order to do so, and nothing gets your chimney ready to work better than an annual cleaning.

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What Happens During a Fireplace Cleaning?

One of the reasons it’s important to have your fireplace cleaned annually is because of the amount of work that happens during an annual cleaning. Here is an overview of some of the tasks performed:

  • Removal of all ash and soot from fireplace box area and chimney
  • Check of all masonry and any metal components
  • Check of outside chimney, including chimney crown
  • Removal of any creosote
  • Check of stove or insert, if there is one
  • Increases the efficiency of your fireplace – just as a heating cooling system can’t operate effectively with excess wear and tear, neither can your fireplace and chimney.
  • Helps prevent chimney fires – creosote is highly flammable. During an annual cleaning of your fireplace, creosote is removed, making your chimney safer.
  • Reduces potential corrosion in your fireplace – the combustion byproducts that coat your fireplace and chimney, namely creosote and soot, are highly acidic. This means they can eat through masonry and metal if left to build. Annual cleaning removes these byproducts from your fireplace, significantly reducing the potential for heavy corrosion.
  • Home insurance – many insurance companies will not cover in case of fire damage if your fireplace hasn’t been annually maintained.

Why Is Annual Fireplace Maintenance Important?

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