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Choking on Fireplace Smoke?


If there’s a time of year when you want to use your home’s fireplace, it’s the holidays. Nothing brings about the warm ambience of winter holidays like a toasty fire. Unless, of course, you are lighting your fire only to find that smoke is adorning your Christmas stockings rather than roasting chestnuts. The last thing you want is to ruin a holiday gathering by filling a room with backed-up fireplace smoke, so let the pros from Design Air, Inc. help resolve this issue for you before your holiday gathering.

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Why It’s Happening

There can be a few reasons why your fireplace is spitting back smoke rather than expelling it:

  • The damper is stuck – you need an open damper when using your fireplace. If you haven’t reached into your chimney only to find the damper isn’t moving, or hasn’t opened all the way, you’ll find out quickly with backing-in smoke. Dampers can stick for a few reasons, so let our pros figure that out for you and resolve the issue.
  • The flue isn’t designed correctly – this is a much bigger problem and one that will require some re-constructing of your chimney. Your chimney needs to be able to draw in enough air while also expelling the combustion byproducts of your fire. If the chimney wasn’t designed properly it will need to be re-configured.
  • Critters made a nest in your chimney – the tops of chimneys are favorite places for many kinds of animals to create nests. If you didn’t have your fireplace maintained this fall and a critter has its house in your chimney, the nest will block the exiting smoke. The smoke only has one way to go at that point, and it is back into your home. Nests can also cause chimney fires, so it is very important that your chimney is checked each year by an expert.

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