Check Your Air Conditioner for Problems

Check Your Air Conditioner for Problems


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Most local residents haven’t put much thought into their air conditioning system of late. Winters are cold here on the East Coast and we’re still focused on low temperatures and keeping warm instead of cool. But spring begins in just a few weeks, and with rising temperatures on their way, you’ll soon be turning off your heater and turning on your air conditioner. They last thing you need is a sudden problem with your AC, or worse: a breakdown that occurs in the middle of summer when the mercury is soaring and you need your air conditioner to function.

Now is the ideal time to check your air conditioner for potential problems that require a repair service. Doing so early in the game gives you the luxury of time to schedule repairs before you need your system to perform, as well as preventing the nasty surprise of a sudden, catastrophic breakdown.

Only a trained professional can properly diagnose a problem with your air conditioner and perform proper repairs. It requires licensing and experience, and with the presence of potentially dangerous components like refrigerant, a layman should never attempt repair operations. However, you don’t need to be an expert to spot the common signs of a problem. That qualifies as anything, no matter how trivial, that doesn’t adhere to the normal functioning of the system. Some of the more common symptoms of trouble include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Strange noises. That qualifies as anything that doesn’t match the normal sounds your air conditioner makes: hums, whistles, groans, bangs and anything in between. In most cases, these noises will start and stop with the starting and stopping of your system.
  • Higher bills than normal, especially if you haven’t used your air conditioner any more often than normal. If you can, check your bills from last summer to see if this is the case.
  • Low levels of air coming out of your vents. This can arise from a blockage in the system, a breach in the ducts, or perhaps an issue with the fan motor.
  • Reduced levels of cool air. This can mean actual warm air coming from the vent, or simply cool air that isn’t as cool as you’re accustomed too.
  • Short cycling, which is the rapid turning on and turning off of the system numerous times throughout the day. It’s incredibly hard on the air conditioner, and can lead to breakdowns very easily if it isn’t addressed.

If you spot any of these issues, or any less common issues with your air conditioner, turn it off and call in a repair session immediately. In most cases, the issue can be repaired quickly and efficiently with the right team. In the event something more extensive is needed your technician can consult with you about the best way to proceed, which may mean replacing the air conditioner if the damage is extensive enough.

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