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Causes of Uneven Heating from Your Furnace


During a New York State winter, you need a dependable heater like a furnace in your home to protect you from the cold. A good gas or electric furnace should keep you comfortable until the spring thaw. If you have a furnace, make sure you keep a watch for signs of malfunctions so you can have repairs done as soon as possible. One common trouble people encounter with furnaces is uneven heating. If you detect one or more rooms in your home that do not seem to receive the same level of heat as the other, you may need to schedule repairs. We’ll go over some of the more common reasons for uneven furnace heating.

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Closed or blocked vents

This is one of the first possibilities to check when you discover uneven heating. Look around the cold rooms and find the vents. Make sure they are open all the way. Some of the vents may be hidden behind furniture that was moved recently, or a rug may have been pulled over a floor vent. Keep all the vents clear for optimal heating (as well as to prevent fire hazards).

Breaks along ductwork

Your furnaces need sealed ducts to provide you with warm air. A break along the length of the ducts will cause a loss of air pressure that will lower the furnace’s heating power and also allow heat to escape. A room linked to a damaged stretch of duct will receive less heat than the other room. Hire professionals to investigate your ducts and properly seal any breaks or gaps.

An improperly sized heater

This is a serious issue that may require you have a full heating replacement done. Your heater might have been sized incorrectly for your house’s heating needs. A heater that is too small will have trouble getting warm air to all the rooms, while a heater that is too large will “short cycle,” shutting off when it reaches its temperature target too quickly; this means it will often not remain on long enough to evenly distribute heat. Have an HVAC professional look over your home and determine if you have a heater that is incorrectly sized.

It takes the eye of a professional technician to determine what is causing uneven heating from your furnace. It may require only a simple fix to the furnace to restore it to its proper working order. Or it may need a full replacement. Call Design Air Inc when you need to find out what’s troubling your furnace in Nanuet, NY. We promise we won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied.