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3 Ways to Update Your Bathroom to Save Water

Monday, October 12th, 2020

modern-faucet-and-sinkWhen you look into your bathroom what do you see? Do you see a place that you can rely on for your regular rituals of preparing for the day and winding down before bed? Or do you see a room fully of struggles with leaking fixtures, a running toilet, and frequent visits from a plumber?

If the second situation sounds far more familiar, then that means you need to contact a professional plumber in Nanuet, NY for something other than just addressing a leaky fixture. Instead, you will want to reach out to the professionals on our team for a few more upgrades to your bathroom plumbing.

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All About Leak Detection

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

plumbing-leakEB Design Air is proud to be offering its quality plumbing services to both Rockland and Orange Counties. One of our great plumbing services in Rockland County that you may want to know about is leak detection.

You might think that is sounds like a strange service at first. Find the puddle and you find the leak right? No quite. A puddle or standing water do indicate that you have a leak on your hands but they don’t necessarily tell you the location of that leak.

This is where leak detection comes in. Rather than making multiple holes throughout your home to attempt to find the leak, we have the ability to locate the leak and get it patched up without creating extra work in the process.

Want to find out more about this service? Keep reading and contact us to schedule a service when you are done.

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