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Can Your Home Handle Extra Holiday Lighting?


In Ramsey, NJ, holiday décor can reach Olympic levels. Outdoor lighting schemes, complete with moving characters and holiday music, are par for the course. But it takes a good amount of power to make your home a festive place, and if you don’t have enough outlets or enough power coming into your home, you may end up with some holiday outages. The electrical experts from Design Air Inc., can help ensure you have the power you need for all of your holiday lighting and décor – just give us a call!

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It’s almost a seasonal joke: the power strip that has almost as many cords coming from it as you have hairs on your head. But it actually isn’t funny because it can be a serious hazard. Not only does the power cord get overloaded, the outlet the power strip is plugged into will also become overloaded. And if it isn’t a GFCI outlet, you could end up with charring or even a small fire. Let us help you by installing some extra outlets where you need them, both inside and out. Having enough evenly-spaced outlets is a far better way to illuminate your home with the holiday décor you want than using a bunch of overloaded power strips.

Having Enough Power

It’s great to have holiday lighting. It’s pretty, festive and makes your home look beautiful. But, if you need 200 amps to make sure those lights are powered and your electrical box only provides 100 amps, it’s time for an upgrade. The average home uses about 200 amps of power normally, so if you have been struggling along with less, now is a great time to hire our pros to increase the amount of power your home has.

We wish you the best with holiday decorating!