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Can I Use Solar Energy to Power My Air Conditioning System?


It’s been a great thing to see so many homeowners add solar power to their homes. Not only is solar power good for you, it’s very good for the environment. However, it can be a little confusing as to how solar power can be applied to your home. Is it for general use? Is it for a specific appliance or system? The answer is: it can be either, and that choice is up to you.

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How Solar Energy Works

By now, you’ve likely seen at least one home with solar PV (photovoltaic) panels on the roof, and maybe even the larger PV panels on ground pedestals on a commercial property. Each panel consists of a large number of solar cells that all generate electricity from the sun’s rays. The panels are interconnected so that all of the electricity generated by each individual panel is concentrated into a single flow of energy. So where does that energy go? The panels are connected directly to your home’s electrical box, supplementing the power there. This is where you get to choose how the power is used: it can be directed to a specific circuit, such as the one that powers your HVAC system, or it can feed into your home’s overall power, supplementing all of your electrical use. Clearly it takes the expertise of a trained, licensed and experienced electrician to handle this work, but this is where the pros at Design Air, Inc., come in.

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