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Benefits of Radiant Heating in Rockland County, NY


There are a lot of options available to homeowners these days when it comes to heating their homes. With all of the choices available it can be difficult to decide which home heating system is best for you and your personal heating habits. At Design Air, Inc., we believe that the best way for you to get the perfect heating system for installation in your Rockland County, NY home is simply for you to do a little research and understand your options as much as possible. If you are constructing a new home or remodeling your home, you may want to consider the installation of a radiant heating system.

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Radiant heating systems offer many benefits to homeowners. A radiant heating system is more effective than baseboard heating. If you already have a boiler, then a radiant heating system installation may be a good investment. Radiant heating is so effective because it heats your walls or floors directly, as opposed to warming the air surrounding a radiator or baseboard. This allows for even, comfortable heating throughout your home.

Radiant heating is also an extremely efficient way in which to heat your home. Furnaces still tend to be the most popular and common home heating option. However, if you use a forced air distribution system with your furnace to distribute heat throughout your home, you may be losing a lot of energy in the ductwork system. Damaged or poorly insulated ducts are notorious for energy losses.

There are also a number of installation options available for radiant heating systems. There are a few different types of floor installations, though hydronic systems are by far the most popular and most efficient. Heated water is pumped through tubing beneath your floor, warming it directly. If you are redoing your floors anyway, it is the perfect time for a hydronic floor heating system installation.

If you would like more information about the benefits of a radiant heating system in your home, contact Design Air, Inc. today. We are happy to discuss with you the ways in which a radiant heating system can benefit your Rockland County, NY home. If you decide that this is the way in which you would like to heat your home, we can take care of every step of the process.