The Benefits of an Energy Audit

The Benefits of an Energy Audit

Everyone wants to keep their homes comfortable during the heat of the summer and the freezing cold of winter, and we rightfully turn to our HVAC systems to do the job. But getting the most out of your air conditioner or heater means focusing on more than just the HVAC system itself. It means checking your whole home and seeing where you might improve its energy efficiency. Enter the energy audit, a thorough examination of your home from a trained technician that can identify places where its efficiency can be improved and formulating a plan of action to do just that.

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What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is essentially an examination of your home from someone with the skills and training to identify places where energy is being wasted. In some cases, that can involve things like appliances, such as old refrigerators. It also involves things like a comparative lack of insulation in the home, or spots near outside walls where the air may be cooler or warmer than you’d like.

Most importantly, the energy audit looks for points in the home where air leaks are occurring. This typically involves things like cracks under the doors or around window frames, where cool air from your air conditioning system can slip out. It can also bring unwanted moisture into your home — especially in the summer — which elevates the humidity levels and leeches your air conditioner or energy efficiency.

What Does That Do For You?

By identifying those trouble spots, you can take steps to address them in a thorough and efficient manner. In some cases, the solutions can be implemented by homeowners themselves: buying a more efficient appliance, for instance, or purchasing weather stripping at a neighborhood hardware store to seal cracks under the door. In other cases, it can involve more extensive modifications: adding more insulation to your home, installing double-paned windows, or perhaps looking into a dehumidifier to help counter the problems of excessive moisture in your home.

Every home is different and thus the precise recommendations of an energy audit will depend on your unique needs. But the intended result is always the same: allowing your home to make better use of the cool air generated by your air conditioner, and the warm air generated by your heater in the winter. That provides a number of key benefits:

  • Lower Bills. A more efficient home will be reflected in reduced monthly energy bills, as your home can better retain the cool temperatures (and warm temperatures in the winter) generated by your HVAC system.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear. Improved home efficiency also means that the HVAC system can do its job with much less strain and effort. That means the system runs less of a risk of a breakdown, and when applied over time, it will last longer before you need to repair or replace it.

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