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Benefits a Pellet Stove Can Offer


It’s been getting pretty crisp in the evenings, making it the perfect time of year to use a supplemental heater before firing up your heating system. If you don’t have a supplemental heater, but have been considering one, you may want to see if a pellet stove is a good fit for your home in Suffern, NY.

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How Does It Work?

A pellet stove uses small, condensed, hard pellets as fuel. The stove itself can be an insert or be placed on a hearth, but it will need to be connected directly to your home’s chimney to expel the combustion byproducts. The pellets are made from various types of recycled wood particles, and they are pressed into hard pellets so that they generate a great deal of heat when they burn. Unlike a wood stove where you feed the wood directly into the firebox, pellets stoves are equipped with a holding component known as the hopper and a burn pot into which the mechanics of the stove feed the pellets. The pellets are heated from underneath the burn put by a heating element that heats the pellets to the point of ignition. Sensors in the stove feed pellets into the stove automatically based on a thermostat that is connected to the stove.

Why Consider a Pellet Stove?

If you’ve ever used a wood stove, you know how annoying it can get to constantly lug wood into your home to burn every few hours; this won’t be the case with a pellet stove. Yes, you’ll need to add the bag of pellets to your stove, but the bag will last anywhere from 8-12 hours, depending on temperature. Another great benefit of pellet stoves is the low ash content. Because of how the pellets burn and the design of the stoves, pellet stoves leave very little ash to clean up, which is also good for your chimney. There is also no smoke. And if you’ve every accidentally put your hand on the outside of a hot stove, you know how much it hurts; this won’t ever be an issue with a pellet stove because their outside casing stays room temperature.

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