5 Ways To Get The Most From Your AC This Summer

5 Ways To Get The Most From Your AC This Summer

As we barrel into the hot summer season there is a lot that many people want to get the most of. This ranges from getting in as many in-person concerts as possible to trying to have the maximum number of get-togethers with family. When you are making these plans don’t forget to look for ways to get the most from your air conditioner too.

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Incorporating some best practices into how you operate your air conditioner can help you enjoy your home a lot more this summer without having bills that make you sweat. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your air conditioning in Pomona, NY this season.


5  Ways to Optimize Your AC Use

These are some great ways to get the best cooling comfort from your air conditioner without raking up additional costs. In fact, these tips can even help to lower your bills!

1. Use those curtains!

Curtains, blinds, drapes, etc. are all in existence to help block out unwanted light. While we do want to be able to see during the day, you would do well to use these tools to block out the maximum amount of light possible. In doing so, you can keep your home a lot cooler throughout the day, which makes things much easier on your AC.

2. Check your vents.

Your air conditioner pushes the cool air in creates out into your home through vents placed throughout the home. If there is furniture, plants, or other items blocking one or more vents it will reduce the amount of cool air getting into the room. Check that all the vents in your home are clear and have been wiped clean of dust too.

3. Address air leaks.

Do a circuit through the house and take note of any doors or windows that have air leaks around them. These may be small air leaks but they can have a big impact on your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. Address these leaks with caulk or weatherstripping to keep the cool air in your house where it belongs this summer.

4. Keep your thermostat on a reasonable setting.

If you get overheated, resist the urge to play “how low can you go” with your thermostat. This won’t cool things any faster but it will drive your energy bills up. The Department of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat set to 78°F during the day to keep things comfortable without using extra energy. You can always work your way up to this too by starting at 72° or 75° and then raising the temperature each day until you are more used to it.

5. Go to an expert for AC services

Whether it is an annual tune-up or a system repair, you should always turn to a professional to get your AC services taken care of. This ensures the job is done right the first time and your system is taken care of properly.

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