5 Signs You Need An AC Repair

5 Signs You Need An AC Repair


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Have you noticed that you are spending more days uncomfortable at home this summer than not? You can hear the hum of your air conditioner and feel the air but the home just isn’t getting any cooler. When your air conditioning system isn’t working right, you shouldn’t just try to sweat your way through the summer season without it.

Air conditioner repairs may sound scary at first–most people think about repairs and see the image of a big price tag. However, if you have a system that needs to be fixed, you certainly don’t want to ignore it or put it off. Repairs can be kept small and affordable if they are caught early. The scary part is when they aren’t and you need an early replacement!


Watch for These 5 Warning Signs

These are some of the biggest indicators to watch for that will let you know when it is time to reach out for system repairs.

  1. Strange sounds: Your air conditioner may make some noise such as the whoosh created by producing fresh air, but other stranger and louder noises aren’t a good thing. Be wary of sounds like screeching, hissing, rattling, banging and other noises that don’t belong to a system that is working well.
  2. High bills: A little fluctuation in your energy bills is normal but not large spikes. If you get an energy bill that reflects a lot more energy is being used even if your comfort isn’t what it is supposed to be, it is a warning that your system is having trouble and needs help.
  3. Reduced airflow: When you run your AC, you should receive a steady, strong flow of air until your home is fully cooled. If you notice that, instead, the air flowing from your vents is weak at best, it may indicate problems with anything from your fan to your AC’s ability to pull air in.
  4. Hot airflow: Maybe the air flowing out of those vents is blowing steady and strong but it feels like you have a heater on instead of your AC. this is just as much of a problem. A system that can’t cool things off is one that has a problem,
  5. Short cycling: Does your AC system turn on for a couple of minutes only to shut down again all too quickly? This isn’t a sign of a system that is simply cooling things off faster than normal. Instead it is an indicator of a problem that is causing your unit to shut down before it can finish its cooling cycle–costing you energy and comfort at once!

There are just some of the warning signs of an air conditioner in need of repair. If you notice these issues, or you find your air conditioner is having any other problems, then you should reach out for assistance from a professional technician on our team.

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