4 Signs You Have DIY Wiring

4 Signs You Have DIY Wiring

Almost everyone has attempted to complete a DIY project for one thing or another. The question is how big of a DIY project it was. It’s one thing to try to repaint a bookshelf or build a chair, It’s another thing to try to perform electrical work on your own. When it comes to handling your electrical system we always advise that people leave this to the professionals.

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We understand that there are plenty of people who decide to do their own wiring work. Unfortunately, we usually get calls about this because that DIY attempt didn’t work out quite right. Discovering that the person who was in your home before you attempted to DIY the wiring in the house can be frustrating especially when it starts causing problems. However, you can always come to us for expert electrical wiring in Pomona, NY to resolve the issue.


4 Indicators that Your Wiring Has Been Done Wrong

If there is poor wiring in your home then you should have it fixed as soon as you can, before it causes damage or puts your safety at risk. Here are the signs to look for that will tell you when to call in an electrical professional to check out your home’s wiring work:

  1. Flickering lightsNoticing that there are flickering lights in your home or that your lights dim and then flare up brightly? This isn’t something spooky (unless you consider poor electrical work scary). This is the result of a poor wiring job that someone has done previously and needs to be fixed.
  2. Frequent circuit trips: How often are you having to go out to flip tripped circuits? It really shouldn’t be a frequent occurrence. If you notice that turning on two or more appliances in your home causes circuit trips on a regular basis then you need to have your wiring checked.
  3. Burnt outlets: The next time you go to plug something and double-check that the outlet is clean. If you start noticing burn marks or scratch marks on your outlet it means there is a problem with the wiring behind it.
  4. Hot outlets or switchesYou may also notice that certain outlets feel hot to the touch when you try to use them. Likewise, some switches in your home might feel hot to the touch. this is of course not normal. Hot Outlets or hot switches are created by problems with electrical flow due to poor wiring.

Skip the DIY Hassle, Schedule Expert Service Instead

Everyone loves a good DIY project. But it’s pretty clear that when it comes to your home’s electrical systems, especially your wiring, this is better left to professional electricians. Professionals have the training to help them handle almost any electrical oddity. They also have the tools and experience necessary to help them stay safe and protect your home as well from start to finish.

When you discover trouble with your home’s electrical wiring, don’t struggle with DIY solutions that may not even work. Instead, reach out to the trained electricians on our team to get the job done right.

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