4 Signs Something Is Up With Your Wiring

4 Signs Something Is Up With Your Wiring

Living in a modern home means that you are going to have plenty of wiring throughout the house. Your lights, electrical outlets, and other parts of the home that use electricity depend on it, after all.

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While the wires may be in the walls, they can and will wear down over time. When wires wear out they can loosen and fray and, in turn, this can lead to problems with your electrical systems. So what do you do when a problem pops up? Well, we’d hope you’d reach out for professional help with your electrical wiring in New City, NY because this will yield far better results than a DIY fix.


4 Indicators You Have Electrical Wiring Trouble

Here are some of the warning signs to be on alert for that will tell you when something goes wrong with the wiring in your home.

  1. Flickering lights: Do you have hallway lights that are flickering when you turn them on? Or maybe the lights in some of the lamps in the home flare to brightness and then dim for no reason. This is usually caused by arcing created by bad or frayed wires.
  2. Burnt outlets: CHeck the outlets around the house. Do you notice one or two of them that have burn marks or scorch marks? Those burns are created by the high heat made when electricity arcs between bad wires.
  3. Frequent circuit trips: You turn on a light and the circuit trips. You plug in the vacuum and start running it and the circuit trips. You go to charge your phone and the circuit trips. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and a sign that something is wrong with your electrical wiring.
  4. Acrid smells: Another key sign that something is wrong with your wires is when you can smell trouble. The material that wires are made of can melt when they overheat which creates a distinct, acrid smell that is hard to miss. If something smells off, turn off the electrical appliances you are using and call for repairs.

Let Us Help With Your Wires

As mentioned above, electrical work is better than the left to the professionals. There are plenty of tutorials online this type of work is not something that you want to try to do yourself. Not only is there a high risk at a lot of things can go wrong in your electrical system can be damaged but there is also great risk danger at home to yourself if you don’t have the right tools and equipment to protect you from electrical shock. Not to mention the fact that working on the electrical system without licensure and certification is considered illegal in most states.

With all that said, we are here to help get your electrical wires back in shape. If you are noticing any of the indicators above your best course of action is going to be to contact us to schedule an appointment to get your wiring back on track.

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