4 Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance ASAP

4 Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance ASAP

Summertime is upon us but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for maintenance for your AC system. Maintenance is a service that is going to help ensure your system is ready for any heatwave that the season may throw at us. Even late maintenance services are going to be helpful to your air conditioner.

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If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioning tune-up in Pearl River, NY for the year just yet because you aren’t sure if it is worth it, we want to assure you that it is. Here are some great reasons to schedule AC maintenance as soon as you can!


Why Bother With Maintenance?

We’ve encountered our fair share of residents in this area that aren’t sure what the point of maintenance for their cooling system is. We are happy to be the ones to tell you that the cleaning, tightening, adjusting, and optimizing that is done as a part of your tune-up provide a host of benefits which include:

  1. Better energy efficiency: If your AC is having to fight with, say, a dirty air filter, it will use a lot more energy to cool things off. Maintenance addresses these seemingly small issues and ensures your system maintains a better level of energy efficiency for a longer amount of time.
  2. Lower energy bills: When your cooling system isn’t having to struggle to do its job, it will be able to maintain a more predictable, and in some cases lower, level of energy use. This will, of course, show up as more reasonable energy bills. The alternative is spikes in your bills which no one enjoys.
  3. Fewer repair needs: By handling any potential issues while they are small (i.e. tightening a loose screw before it pops loose and rattles around in your ductwork where it can create air leaks), a yearly maintenance appointment will be able to help keep your AC repair needs to a minimum. What’s more, maintenance helps keep the repair needs that do pop up a lot more affordable too.
  4. A longer lifespan: Because maintenance addresses issues while they are still small, it can actually help to reduce the usual impact that a season’s worth of wear and tear would normally have on it. This, in turn, helps to extend the system’s lifespan so it can surpass the minimum 10-year mark and continue operating for up to 15+ years before needing a replacement.

As you can see, maintenance is actually a pretty important and very helpful service for your AC system. It can help you save money in the long run and will also help keep you comfortable in a more reliable manner. As long as your schedule your yearly tune-up with professional technicians like those at EB Design Air Inc., you’ll be able to face the summer season with confidence knowing your home’s AC unit is up to the task of keeping you cool.

Contact EB Design Air Inc. to schedule AC maintenance or any other services you need. Act now and make sure your A/C doesn’t give you hot flashes!