3 Ways to Get a Cost-Effective Commercial HVAC System

3 Ways to Get a Cost-Effective Commercial HVAC System

An HVAC system is a necessity in your commercial building. Of course, that doesn’t necessitate having to pay an outrageous cost for it. You can still be savvy and cost-effective without having to compromise on comfort. Here are some ways you can make a dent in your monthly heating and cooling bills:

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1. Start Regular Maintenance With a Professional

If you’ve only had your air conditioner treated with the occasional repair, you’re missing out on countless opportunities for improvement.

Having an expert commercial HVAC technician in New City assigned to your HVAC system is kind of like having your own primary physician. As long as they’re certified professional and not just a handyman performing one-off jobs, they’ll be able to keep tabs on your system. By having the same technician come time and time again to assess your system, they’ll be able to take notes, suggest changes, and work toward increasing performance.

Plus, if this technician is not the same one that you installed the system with initially, it could pay off to get their second opinion. They can perform various calculations and assessments to determine if your current system is capable of heating and cooling the space properly. After all, there are few things worse for efficiency than an under-or over-sized system.

2. Balance Your Humidity for an Efficiency Boost

A workplace that’s too hot or too cold can certainly be uncomfortable, but nothing is as bad as excessively high or low humidity levels. High humidity makes the rooms stuffy and warm. Low humidity dries the air out, making it uncomfortable just to breathe.

Balancing humidity can do wonders for improving comfort, but did you know that it can also help you run your system more efficiently? High humidity makes your body feel warmer than it really is, causing you to turn up the air conditioner. Likewise, low humidity makes your body feel colder, tempting you to turn up the heater even higher (by the way, this only makes the air drier).

By balancing the humidity, you can satisfy people’s comfort directly. This helps stop people from wanting to fiddle with the thermostat. It’s a small change, but when you consider how much money this can save you every day, you’ll see that it can provide substantial savings.

3. Let Technology Do the Work for You

In the home, homeowners can benefit substantially from upgrading their thermostat. In the workplace, this convenience is even more substantial.

When you’re trying to cool even a simple two-story commercial property, you have to consider several different zones. Various areas of the building will be divided into various cooling and heating “zones.” Now, just imagine trying to keep tabs on thermostat use in each of these locations—it’s enough to hire someone to do it for you full time!

Or, you can just install a system of smart thermostats to do the work for you. You can set the basic schedule, but you can rely on the thermostats to adjust temperatures when zones are vacant or occupied. They can also be integrated with wireless controls in case you forget to turn off the system over the weekend.

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