3 Sounds That Indicate Your Heater Needs Help

3 Sounds That Indicate Your Heater Needs Help

Many of us have spent an unprecedented amount of time at home this year. This has been great in some ways and a strain in others. It can be especially annoying if you are stuck in a home without a good comfort system. If you struggled to stay comfortable through summer, don’t let fall and winter continue the trend. You can instead work with our team to make sure that your heating system will keep your home optimally cozy when you need it the most.

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One of the things that we always encourage our clients to do is to listen to what their heat pump is saying. No this doesn’t mean your heat pump should be holding a discussion with you. When we say listen to your heater, we mean listen for any sounds that warn your system needs heating repair in Pomona, NY.


3 Sounds Your Heater Shouldn’t Make

Your heater is never going to operate silently–if it does, it means that it isn’t actually running! At the very least, your heater should make a “whoosh” when blowing warm air into your home. This doesn’t mean that every sound that it makes it normal though. There are certainly several sounds you shouldn’t hear from your heater. These sounds include the following:

  1. Hissing: Hissing is sometimes confused with that whoosh of air that you want to heater from your heater. However, we urge you to try to make the distinction between the two. They are not the same! Hissing can be caused by more than one issue in your system including a clogged air filter or vent. Hissing can also be a sound created by a crack in your heat exchanger. Make sure to contact a pro if you hear hissing from your heater.
  2. Rattling: Do you hear a rattling noise from your heater? This isn’t a good sign. Rattling can indicate a part in your system that is coming loose and needs to be tightened before causing extra damage. Alternatively, it may also be caused by a cracked heat exchanger as well. This is because the metal will rattle against itself when gas passes through the system. Make sure to contact a pro to diagnose and repair the issue.
  3. Scraping or Squealing: Scraping and squealing are grouped together because in many cases you may notice these sounds occurring at the same time. These noises can be created when fan blades in your heater come loose or break and end up scratching around their housing. This creates those distinct metal-on-metal noises.

Whether your heater is emitting one of the sounds listed above or it is creating a different sound that is equally concerning, you can turn to a professional technician for assistance. A trained pro will be able to diagnose the source of the noise and repair it properly.

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