3 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repairs

3 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repairs

It is a wonderful feeling to enjoy time beside your gas fireplace when the world outside is so chilly. Those flickering flames provide a sense of warmth and coziness and provide a great place to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa. You may run into issues with this though if your gas fireplace isn’t functioning properly.

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If you have a gas fireplace that isn’t working that way it is supposed to, it is likely that you will need to reach out for repair services for this unique part of your home sooner than later. While normally not a primary source for heating the entire home, it is still a part of your heating system!

So, the next question you may want to ask in this case is: what are the signs that I should reach out for gas fireplace repairs? Thankfully, we have an answer for you, along with repair services that you can schedule at any time.


3 Key Signs Your Gas Fireplace is on the Fritz

So, what might be some indicators that your gas fireplace has a repair need or two? We have three signs for your to watch, and smell, for.

  1. There is a Sulfur Smell: The smell of sulfur, also know for being the scent of rotten eggs, is a warning signal from your gas fireplace that is saying, “There is  gas leak here.” If you are smelling sulfur coming from your fireplace after shutting it off, you should reach out for repairs ASAP.
  2. There is a Burning Smell: While your gas fireplace is burning natural gas, it shouldn’t create a burning smell. If you smell something burning in your gas fireplace it could be dust or other debris that need to be cleaned out. Your best choice here is to turn the fireplace off and call a pro.
  3. The Pilot Light is Malfunctioning: If the pilot light on your water heater or furnace was having trouble, you would know it indicates a problem. The same applies to your gas fireplace as it indicates the thermocouple (the part that covers your pilot light when it shuts off) might be worn, dirty, or damaged. In any eventuality, this is best handled by a trained professional.

Now You Know

Those are three large indicators of a repair need that you can stay on watch for when you are using your gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces don’t exactly have the risks that a wood-burning fire do, such as soot build-up or damper problems, but they do come with their own issues that they will encounter. All you need to do is schedule regular maintenance and, when needed, repairs to keep this wonderful part of your home working well without putting you and your loved ones at risk.

If your gas fireplace or any other part of your Suffern heating system is in need of service, make sure you reach out to a professional fireplace technician such as those at EB Design Air Inc.

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