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3 Signs Your Furnace Needs Replacing


Spring has arrived in Suffern, NY, and summer can’t be too far behind. With the return of warm weather comes a chance to give your furnace a serious look, and with it, the chance to decide whether you want to replace it with a new one. Making the call now gives you the whole summer to make proper installation plans, allowing you to perform the operation at your pace and no one else’s. Every system is different, and only the individual homeowner can decide if replacement is truly necessary. There are, however, a few tips and signs that can help you make up your mind. We’ve included a quick breakdown of the three most prominent signs below.

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1.      You Have High Monthly Bills

Heaters lose efficiency over time as parts wear out and individual components slowly cease to do their jobs effectively. That means the heater will start working harder to do its job, which translates to increasingly high monthly bills. Eventually, those bills may become higher than you’re comfortable paying for, at which point replacement is probably necessary.

2.      Repairs are Overwhelming

Furnaces and other types of heater break down from time to time and repairs are eventually necessary. But as your heater gets older, it may experience repair calls with greater and greater frequency until you’re just pouring good money after bad. Sometimes, it’s just one single repair call, but it’s so expensive that replacing the whole unit just makes more sense.

3.      The System is Old

Most heaters are designed to last about 10 to 15 years. With proper maintenance every year, yours may last longer than that, but if your warranty has expired and you’re experiencing the kinds of problems mentioned above, it’s usually a good sign that the heater needs replacing.

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