3 Repairs Your Generator Might Need

3 Repairs Your Generator Might Need

Generators are very complex systems with many moving parts, so it comes as no surprise that there are many ways they can go wrong. You may think that generator repairs would be straightforward and you can take care of them yourself, however, these will all require professional electrical repair in New City, NY. This blog post walks you through the three most common electrical repairs and their solutions.

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Battery Failure

The most common problem associated with generators, regardless of the make and model, is battery failure. In some cases, you can chalk it up to a human error. For instance, the electrical board may have been disabled, allowing the generator to continue working safely. You can check this problem easily by visually inspecting the circuit breaker for slots that have been flipped.

Once you find the slot, switch it back on, and the generator should start functioning again.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you may be dealing with dirty terminals. The connections on the battery may be covered with dust and debris, which can prevent the battery from maintaining a strong connection. You can fix this problem with the help of a wire brush. Simply scrub away at any rust and debris that has been accumulating on these terminals.

After you’re done with this step, you can check to ensure that the battery terminals are secure and not loose. If they are not in place, you’ll have to retighten them. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then your generator’s battery may require repairs or replacement–which definitely requires a call to our pros.

Dirty Air Filter

Just like cars, generators also require a clean air filter to screen out dirt and debris. A dirty air filter won’t be able to do its job. Consequently, the generator’s efficiency will decrease. Dirty filters also reduce your generator’s lifespan. You should inspect the filter every few months. If the filter is dirty beyond cleaning, you’re better off finding a replacement with similar dimensions.

Coolant Leaks

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause tremendous wear and tear on the generator, specifically, the coolant hoses. They are significantly more likely to lead to leakages, which you’ll want to repair right away in order to prevent a complete breakdown.

What you will need to do is carry out a visual inspection of your generator’s coolant hoses every few years. Try to see if they are structurally sound and don’t have any obvious signs of damage. If you see signs of damage, you’ll most likely need a replacement set. The good news is that hoses are relatively easier to replace and set up, regardless of the type of generator you have.

Finally, no matter what type of generator you have, it will stop working at some point.

The best way to maximize its life cycle is to utilize electrical repair in New City, NY. Get in touch with the experts at EB Design Air Inc. to schedule maintenance services. Act now and make sure your A/C doesn’t give you hot flashes!