3 Reasons to Get A Whole House Generator

3 Reasons to Get A Whole House Generator

When it comes to power outages, there are two types of thinking:

Without a generator, and with a generator.

Without a generator, you have to plan everything around that fact. This puts you and your entire family in “survival mode,” forcing you to stock up on food and clean water, to stockpile blankets for warmth, and to plan everything as if you were camping.

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With a whole-house generator, you won’t have to treat your family like soldiers. Aside from a few normal safety measures, you can go on living like everything is normal.

Below are a few more reasons to consider a whole-house generator. If you’re still not sure, call up an electrician in New City to get a professional opinion.


1. It Pays for Itself

For those without a whole-house generator, the next course of action is to shack up at a local motel. This would be an ideal solution if power outages only happened once every few years. In reality, they can happen more than once a year and can last for days at a time.

Here’s how a whole-house generator is going to save you some cash every time:

  • No more nights at the motel.
  • No more eating out at the next town over.
  • No more rebuying spoiled groceries.

2. You Can Live at Full Quality of Life

When you go with a whole-house generator, you won’t have to plan your life around an outage. Yet, when people think of investing in one, they’ll start weighing the costs and benefits with questions like “What if I only need it for a few hours?” or “How often will I actually need to use it?”

People are willing to suffer through an outage if it’s only for a few hours. This might drive them to think a portable generator is a better solution. But in reality, the best part about a whole-house generator is that you won’t have to compromise in the slightest.

The truth is that you won’t know how long an outage will last. And even if the outage does last a small amount of time, a lesser generator would only give you half the quality of life as a whole-house one. It’s a risk that you don’t have to take.

3. It Will Give You Peace of Mind

And we don’t mean that lightly. Depending on your unique circumstances, a whole-house generator might make all the difference when a power outage hits.

Home Office Workers: Are you an independent contractor? Working remotely? If your clients or employer are located outside the power outage, they won’t be able to wait for you. Life and business moved on with or without you. The next power outage could take your next paycheck with it.

Special Medical Needs: For some family members, a prolonged power outage can be more than just uncomfortable – it could be life-threatening. They may require medicines at certain temperatures or depend on electricity. In other cases, having to deal with the cold might be very uncomfortable for them.

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