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3 Key Aspects to Your Generator


A generator can be a huge boon to your household here in New City, NY. We’ve all seen the kind of havoc that Mother Nature can wreak when she gets angry, and a generator can ensure that your home stays powered and comfortable even when the civic electrical grid shuts down. Before purchasing a generator, however, there are 3 key factors you need to evaluate. That will ensure that your purchase is right for your home and that it will work when you need it to.

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1. Power Levels

Every generator outputs a set amount of power, which needs to cover all of the devices connected to it, plus a little extra to cover unexpected surges. Ideally, your generator needs to cover every electrical appliance in your house. In order to determine that, you should have an energy audit performed: detailing every appliance’s power needs, and then ranking each appliance in order of importance. (A refrigerator, for example, should be much higher in importance than a video game system.) If you can’t afford a generator that covers all of your appliances, this will let you know what appliances can be run in a crisis and which ones need to be turned off.

2. Placement

A generator needs to be placed somewhere safe and dry, with easy access to your home’s power grid and proper ventilation to let the exhaust out. It should also be easily accessed in a crisis, ensuring you can get to it if you need to refuel or deal with a minor issue.

3. Fuel Consumption

The rate of fuel consumption on your new generator is very important, and you should pay close attention when you buy it. You need enough fuel on hand to last several days. That way, you don’t need to go out in the middle of a crisis just to refuel.

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